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PerfectXL Advanced Training

About the trainers

This course was designed by PerfectXL (Infotron) in collaboration with 11 of Microsoft’s designated “Most Valuable Professionals” and 3 of the most prestigious universities of the Netherlands. The Excel MVP’s have tens of years of experience with Excel and work with the biggest companies in the world.


This course was designed, issued, and created by InfotronBV (the makers of PerfectXL). We are Excel experts and develop software solutions geared towards helping Excel users in a business setting. The ideas that fueled the company come from a study which originated at the Delft University of Technology. This study showed that over 80% of business critical spreadsheets contain mistakes of some kind. A team then started to develop software tools that reduce the risks associated to Excel models: PerfectXL. The tools do a great job of reducing risks, but we wanted to go a step further to create a training that helps users make better models from the start, rather than fixing flaws.

Excel Trainer Mateo Mol // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Mateo Mol

Director at PerfectXL

With a background in Economics, Mateo strives to make Excel safe for business use, and wants to raise the bar for Excel worldwide. This is done in part through software solutions, and now in part with Excel training’s. It’s his heart and motivation that brought this collaborated training into being.

LinkedIn profile Mateo

Excel Trainer Joel Steendam // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Joel Steendam

Marketing & User Experience

As part of his newfound love for Excel, Joel strives to create a user friendly, modern, and approachable training experience. Joel was active behind the scenes in managing the collaboration, working on the flow of the training and interactivity, and running quality control over all materials in the course.

LinkedIn profile Joel

Microsoft Certified Professionals

“Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems.”


Excel Trainer Jan-Karel Pieterse - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Jan Karel Pieterse

Lead instructor

Jan Karel is not only in a video, he is also responsible for writing much of the course content and closely collaborated with us every step of the way. He is the lead instructor, with an abundance of experience in the Excel world. Trainer, Modeller, Auditor, and VBA Developer, he understands Excel inside and out.


Excel Trainer Liam Bastick - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Liam Bastick

Checking, Testing, and Validating Models (Reading + Video) / Documentation (Video)

Liam can be seen in the lesson on Checking, Testing, and Validating Models. He has a wealth of knowledge, specifically about auditing financial models. He is not only a whizz at Excel and financial models, he’s also incredibly funny and a joy to watch. Look forward to it!


Excel Trainer Jon Peltier - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Jon Peltier

Charts, Graphs, and Pivot Tables (Reading)

Jon is known as the leading expert on charts and reporting worldwide. He develops creative software tools to improve the use of charts in Excel and writes a lot of content on the subject which he presents on his website. That’s why we asked him to write the lesson on Charts and Reporting in this course (not in a video).


Excel Trainer Ingeborg Hawighorst - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Ingeborg Hawighorst

Is Excel the answer? (Video)

Ingeborg is one of the MVP’s we had the pleasure to interview for the training. We asked her questions about why she uses Excel, how people should go about picking a program and what some of the strengths of Excel are. You can find her in the very first week of the course.


Excel Trainer Oz du Soleil - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Oz du Soleil

Input Data (Video)/Other Functions (Video)

Oz is not your average Excel user. Oz, beyond being an MVP, has a youtube channel, contributes to different online Excel training programs and is a renowned speaker and great entertainer. We talked to him about getting good input data, working with functions and formulas, looking at alternatives, and what to do when a function isn’t working.


Excel Trainer Charles Williams - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Charles Williams

Find and Search Functions (Video)

Charles is a long time end-user computing enthusiast and he understands spreadsheets inside and out. He has in-depth knowledge of the back-end (calculation) aspect of Excel. That’s why we interviewed him about efficient function use, volatile functions, and functions that task this calculation engine.


Excel Trainer Leila Gharani - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Leila Gharani

Calculation Functions (Video)

Leila Gharani is a household name for many Excel users. She does courses, leads training’s, speaks at events and, most notably perhaps, has a youtube channel with 340k subscribers. She deserves every single one, as her videos are enlightening and really cast a light on how Excel works. We interviewed her about about good use of functions and formulas.


Excel Trainer Herve Thierez - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Herve Thierez

Linear and Logical Spreadsheet Flow (Video)

Herve is a professor at HEC in Paris, owns a consulting company and has 40 years of experience with spreadsheets and financial modelling. We know that the structure of a spreadsheet is incredibly important, so we interviewed Herve on logical spreadsheet flow and how good spreadsheet structure is designed and maintained.

Excel Trainer Gasper Kamensek - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Gasper Kamensek

Charts and Reporting in Excel (Video)

Gasper’s goal is to make Excel fun for everyone and he tries to do this by spreading his love for Excel. He is an MVP with a very popular blog (Excel Unplugged), tons of speaking experience and in-depth knowledge on both Excel and PowerBI. We interviewed him specifically on Charts and Reporting because that is one of his main focus points.


Excel Trainer Henk Vlootman - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Henk Vlootman

Charts and Reporting in Excel (Video)

Henk points out right away in his video that he is not an Excel MVP, but instead a data platform MVP. This does not take away at all from his wealth of Excel experience, especially when it comes to charts and reporting. We also asked Henk some questions about charts and reporting to get 2 different opinions as there are so many different opinions on Charts.


Excel Trainer Chandoo - MVP // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training


Final Things to Check and Double Check (Video)

Much like Cher and Beyonce, Chandoo only uses one name in his online presence. Although he is relatively new to the MVP scene, Chandoo is already seen as one of the best Excel users in the world. Some even refer to him as an Excel prodigy. He is also a professor and we interviewed him specifically about the finishing touches and final steps of creating a good Excel model.


The Universities

This course was designed in collaboration with 3 of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. We collaborated with each university in different ways and each had an important role in creating the course. Videos, content, research, all these aspects were done in collaboration with these universities.

Advanced Excel Training - Universiteit Leiden // PerfectXL

Universiteit Leiden

Advanced Excel Training - TU Delft // PerfectXL

TU Delft

Advanced Excel Training - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam // PerfectXL

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Risbo Research Training & Consultancy // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training


Online education consultancy, reviews, and collaboration

The Risbo group is an independent online education group connected to the Erasmus University. They have worked alongside us from the very start, the very first storyboard and they focus particularly on the educational aspect of the course. In other words, they make sure assignments, learning goals, and logical course structure best practices are followed.


Excel Trainer Jan Stoop - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Jan Stoop

Recap and Look forward videos (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

Jan, professor of behavioral economics at Erasmus University, was a great help in this course. He is the face of the Recap & Look Forward videos at the end of each week. Furthermore, he offered a lot of useful input and advice on practical application of the principles for students and people in the field of economics.

Excel Trainer Arie van Deursen - TU Delft // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Arie van Deursen

Keep it Simple (Video) (Technical University, Delft)

Arie is one of the founders of Infotron, a professor at the TU Delft and founder of the Spreadsheet Lab at the TU Delft. We interviewed Arie and asked him to talk about keeping models simple. Beyond Arie’s roll in the training, TU Delft is a partner of our company and also the training. Much research was done in collaboration with this university and we definitely appreciate their support!

Excel Trainer Felienne Hermans - Universiteit Leiden // PerfectXL Advanced Excel Training

Felienne Hermans

When Possible, Protect, Don’t Hide (Video) (Universiteit Leiden)

Felienne is one of the founders of PerfectXL, but she also founded EuSpRIG (European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group) and has done a lot of research on spreadsheet risk when she was a student at the TU Delft. She now teaches at Leiden University and runs a program to teach programming to young children. Her research is part of what makes this course possible.