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Follow our Excel for Businesses training as a team. Improve transparency and communication around Excel within your company resulting in fewer mistakes, and a faster, more efficient work environment.

  • Create great spreadsheets
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Why it’s important
to get Excel training

Excel Training for Businesses serves to help users make fewer mistakes, adhere to modelling best practices, but more importantly to work with others. When you begin to standardize what a good Excel file looks like, it makes all Excel files easier to read, understand, and to work with. Follow the training with your team to bring unity and transparency to the spreadsheets in your company.

The program

PerfectXL Excel for Business Course is for all those responsible for accounting, business plans and other Excel calculations on a medium advanced and advanced level.

  • Building correct models from the start
  • Documentation and Testing
  • Pitfalls in functions and formulas
  • Reporting

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL serves clients from different industries. The tool has proven its value to accountants, consultants and financial experts as well as professionals from high tech, energy, logistics and transport industries.

“This system helps users to develop outstanding models. This toolkit finds everything. Hard-coded numbers, external links, inconsistent formulas and far beyond. I will be using this for years to come. It is a brilliant system!”

Evan Mudd, Rock Associates

PerfectXL by Industry

Government Agencies

Whether you work for your local government, in education, or in one of the many other public services, one thing is constant: spreadsheets. You see them, work with them, and decisions are constantly made based on them. Can you really trust those spreadsheets?

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Transport & logistics

PerfectXL Excel Solution in Transport & Logistics Transport and logistics companies require precision, planning, and lots of data, which makes Excel an obvious tool. PerfectXL makes Excel perfect, reducing risks,

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PerfectXL for Excel files in Commercial Businesses Commerce involves money, money needs to be accounted for and tracked. This process often occurs in Excel, do you really want that information

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Accounting & Consulting

PerfectXL Excel Solutions for Accountants & Consultants Whether you work for one of the big 5 or a smaller company in finance in consulting, PerfectXL can soon become unmissable for

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PerfectXL Excel Solutions for Insurance Companies Insurance companies are filled with large, complex calculation models. These are often built in Excel, and we aim to make Excel perfect, reduce the

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Banking & Investment

By Industry PerfectXL Excel Solutions for Banking & Investment If you work in banking or investment, we want to help you develop a manageable audit system which will save you

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More about the Excel Business Course and best practices in Excel

Follow our Excel Training for Businesses as a team. Improve transparency and communication around Excel within your company resulting in fewer mistakes, and a faster, more efficient work environment.

Follow our 4 week course on the basics of Excel Modelling. Learn from the best Excel users in the world, and watch your Excel use improve immediately!

This course was developed to help users that already understand the basic principles in Excel to greatly improve their skills. Read exactly what you will learn in our program.

This course was designed by PerfectXL in collaboration with 11 of Microsoft’s designated “Most Valuable Professionals” and 3 of the most prestigious universities of the Netherlands.

Excel modelling must be taken seriously, Excel is used too widely to be seen as just a flexible sheet. The models created are legitimate pieces of software and need to be simple, correct, and maintainable.

To create and maintain with consistently good Excel files, there are a number of best practices to keep in mind. Here we provide a list of Excel tips to improve the way you work with spreadsheets.

This is a question people are starting to ask more often today. Back in the 1990’s at the peak of Excel’s popularity it wasn’t even a question, but times change. Now the market is filled with alternatives…

Which VBA developer isn’t familiar with the battles fought against dreaded Excel Errors? It can be a real rough and tumble to bend VBA to your will.

Excel training, it’s so incredibly important! There are many courses for quick tips and tricks, productivity, shortcuts and basics, but what was missing? A training on Best Practice and design.

By bringing consistency to your formatting you automatically improve the quality of your spreadsheets. Not only will it look better, thinking about the purpose of the cells in your model and how to format them accordingly will change your mindset too.

This article is a list of 5 excellent Excel blogs with different purposes and strengths, where you as a user can learn more about the wonderful world of Excel!

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