PerfectXL Compare

Our tool for spreadsheet comparison is fast, reliable, and easy to use. See for yourself!

99.00 for 1 year

PerfectXL Compare is a tool used to quickly compare two spreadsheets. The results of this comparison are accurate and easy to understand.


PerfectXL Compare is a spreadsheet comparison tool that compares spreadsheets and provides users with a detailed overview of all differences between two versions of an Excel spreadsheet. We track differences back to user actions, reporting only true changes.

“This tool is fast and has a clear summary of differences, and is useful for auditing, developing, and validating spreadsheets.” – Robeco
“The tool is incredibly user friendly, colors are clear, and the fact that it is standalone is great. It’s fast, stable, and the results are correct.” – a.s.r

The tool is a standalone application which runs on your own PC and handles most comparisons in under a minute. For more information please refer to to the links below:

Software type:

Standalone application

Supported file types:

.xlsx, .xslm, .xls, .xlsb

Maximum file size:

No limit! (may cost significant time with massive files)

Software requirements:

Windows 7 (or newer), Microsoft Excel not required