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Excel for Business Course
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Follow our 4 week course on the basics of Excel Modelling. Learn from the best Excel users in the world, and watch your Excel use improve immediately!

  • Create great spreadsheets
  • 4 week online course
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Why it’s important
to get Excel training

Excel is the lifeblood of the business world, knowing Excel is such a valuable skill. Our course enables users not just to work with Excel, but to follow best practices, to make less mistakes, and to create models that makes sense, are well documented, and are easy to share with others. Building better spreadsheets is incredibly valuable for anyone who works with Excel!

The program

PerfectXL Excel training is for all those responsible for accounting, business plans and other Excel calculations on a medium advanced and advanced level.

  • Building correct models from the start
  • Documentation and Testing
  • Pitfalls in functions and formulas
  • Reporting

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL serves clients from different industries. The tool has proven its value to accountants, consultants and financial experts as well as professionals from high tech, energy, logistics and transport industries.

“As soon as PerfectXL becomes part of your Excel routine, it becomes software that does exactly what you want it to do.”

More about the Excel for Business Course and Excel best practices

Follow our 4 week Excel Business course on the basics of Excel Modelling. Learn from the best Excel users in the world, and watch your Excel use improve immediately!

Follow our Excel Training for Businesses as a team. Improve transparency and communication around Excel within your company resulting in fewer mistakes, and a faster, more efficient work environment.

This course was developed to help users that already understand the basic principles in Excel to greatly improve their skills. Read exactly what you will learn in our program.

This course was designed by PerfectXL in collaboration with 11 of Microsoft’s designated “Most Valuable Professionals” and 3 of the most prestigious universities of the Netherlands.

Excel modelling must be taken seriously, Excel is used too widely to be seen as just a flexible sheet. The models created are legitimate pieces of software and need to be simple, correct, and maintainable.

To create and maintain with consistently good Excel files, there are a number of best practices to keep in mind. Here we provide a list of Excel tips to improve the way you work with spreadsheets.

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