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Oz Du Soleil: Bringing joy and excitement to Excel

Oz du Soleil, an Excel MVP, is a true Excel hero and easily worthy of wearing his underpants on the outside of his pants… a true superhero in the Excel communities. His superpower is bringing charisma, storytelling, and flare to Microsoft Excel. From videos, to training, to presentations, he continues to bring a sense of excitement to something that many find dull. I got the chance to call him and ask him some questions relating to his interactions with the wider Excel community.

Patrick O'Beirne on EuSpRIG and the Excel community

Excel hero Patrick O’Beirne is chairman of EuSpRIG, and one of the main collectors of the infamous Excel horror stories.

Leave these 9 Excel frustrations behind!

Be honest with yourself, how much time does it take you to spit through an Excel file? The opportunities in Excel are endless but this comes with a downside. PerfectXL has the solution.