5 Best Excel Blogs!

This article is a list of 5 great Excel blogs with different purposes and strengths, that teach you more about the wonderful world of Excel!

Good formatting in Excel

By bringing consistency to your formatting you automatically improve the quality of your spreadsheets. Not only will it look better, thinking about the purpose of the cells in your model and how to format them accordingly will change your mindset too.

Best practice Excel Business course

Excel training, it’s so incredibly important! There are many courses for quick tips and tricks, productivity, shortcuts and basics, but what was missing? A training on Best Practice and design.

Where is my named range used?

Named Ranges make it clear to users what value is being referred to and it allows you to update it globally if it changes. Only one question remains… Where is my Named Range used?

How to Keep Formulas Readable

Sometimes a formula can spill over onto 2 or 3 lines making the standard 1 line formula bar too small to read. So how can you make formulas readable?

Structure Changes: Columns and Rows

Everyone with even the most basic understanding knows that Excel is made up of columns and rows. In this blog we’ll discuss what happens when you add or delete rows and columns, which happens frequently in Excel and actually changes the very structure of the sheet you’re working on.

How to find external links in Excel

External references are super powerful. It’s a very efficient way to populate your Excel models. But what happens when Excel can’t find your source anymore? How do you effectively track the links and references you’ve introduced?

New Feature! PerfectXL Explore with Excel integration

PerfectXL Explore visualizes Excel models in an instant and integrates flawlessly with Excel.

Using Excel for Social Impact

Dimitri, through this company, provides affordable social impact reports to companies that might not be able to research the impact of a specific project effectively on their own.